Health Benefits



“Jumping rope is an exciting activity that can get children of all ages interested in developing good exercise habits. Even children as young as three years of age can learn the movement patterns involved in swinging the rope and jumping at the right time. We hope our community ‘jumps in with both feet’ to support Jump Jam because where else can you blend coordination-building and cardiovascular fitness with good old-fashioned fun?”


James Fahner, MD
Spectrum Health Medical Group and Division Chief, Hematology/Oncology, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital




“Jump Jam promotes healthy competition among kids, fosters teamwork and helps kids keep a positive focus on achievable goals. It is a perfect way to interact with other kids while learning new skills that will help keep them healthy for a lifetime.”

Lisa M. Lowery, MD, MPH
Spectrum Health Medical Group and Adolescent Medicine Specialist, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital





“Jump rope isn’t just a fun game, it can offer a serious workout, strengthening different areas of the body including upper and lower legs, upper arms and, most importantly, the heart and lungs. Working all of these areas long-term can help fight heart disease, stroke and obesity. This type of daily activity is the key to a healthy, rewarding life, benefiting not just the body but the mind as well.”